Campaign Planning and Direction

Capital Campaigns – Financing Significant Growth to deliver on your Mission

campaignRegardless of the size of the capital fundraising project under consideration, the state of your campaign readiness is critical. RBR employs a customized approach for the planning, development and execution of your capital campaign. Whether that involves building new, renovation, capital equipment or endowment, RBR’s approach is tailored to your circumstances and driven by proven methods and techniques.


Campaign Readiness:

For organizations without a well-established major gifts program, or one considering launching an inaugural capital campaign, a period of campaign readiness preparation to create the conditions for success may be required.
RBR works with senior volunteers and staff to:

  • Create a greater awareness and understanding of major gifts critical role;
  • Recruiting a senior team of volunteers to champion your cause;
  • Refine the case for support;
  • Complete an internal assessment of resources;
  • Implement process of identifying and cultivating current and potential pacesetting donors.


Campaign Planning or Feasibility Studies

Whether you are new to major gift fundraising or a well-established organization with numerous campaigns to your credit, investing in research and planning prior to a campaign is key to your ultimate success. You need to know:

  • the financial goal being considered is attainable within a reasonable timeframe;
  • the projects are viewed as urgently needed;
  • if your case for support is valid in the minds of key donors;
  • the perceived strengths and weaknesses of your organization;
  • the potential for transformational financial support;
  • the availability of volunteer leadership;
  • the factors impacting the outcome of the impending campaign.

Each of these issues is addressed through a series of confidential, face-to-face interviews with key prospects and summarized in a comprehensive final report that will be your campaign blueprint.


Campaign Direction

Properly managed, the intensity of a capital campaign can bring about substantial results. If, however, the level of activity falters or even the smallest details are overlooked, a campaign can easily fall short of its goals. RBR’s strength is to work with you to develop effective campaign strategies and to keep campaign activities on track. Whether engaged to provide full-time campaign direction or periodic counsel, we combine proven methodology with your unique culture and circumstances. Some of the specific tasks we assist with include:

  • Produce the final case for support and communication materials
  • Conduct the necessary prospect research and review
  • Recruit volunteer leadership and coach them on proven cultivation and gift solicitation strategies
  • Ensure cultivation and gift solicitation takes place in a timely and effective manner
  • Develop an effective public relations plan
  • Create appropriate donor recognition programs
  • Ensure effective database and pledge collection systems are in place