Development Reviews and Strategic Planning

strategy_planningIncreasingly, donors and volunteers are drawn to those organizations that clearly demonstrate a strategic approach to delivering on their mission. The purpose of a strategic planning process is to take a realistic assessment of your strengths and limitations. It provides a framework that will enable your organization to maximize opportunities to increase funds raised, build on strengths, and chart a course for achieving measureable success. The horizon for most plans is three to five years, after which it is time to re-evaluate again. Strategic Planning, done properly, is transformative. With board and staff committed to its implementation, a strategic plan can be the impetus for growth and revitalization. To be truly effective, a strategic plan must identify:

  • Goals and Objectives
  • Action steps to achieve the goals
  • Timelines
  • People accountable for the action
  • Method for tracking progress
  • Resources to enact the changes


The RBR strategic planning process involves:

  • Information Collection and Review
  • Internal and External Stakeholder interviews
  • Environmental Scan
  • Board Self Survey
  • Presentation of Preliminary Findings
  • Goals and Objectives setting with Board, senior staff and key stakeholders
  • Comprehensive Strategic Plan Report – a blueprint for implementing your new strategies, complete with priority areas; tactics, accountability and critical paths.


Strategic Advisor: Investing in a strategic planning process that has given you an in-depth assessment of your current situation and committing to a reinvigoration of your fund development program were your first steps. Taking that blueprint, complete with objectives and strategies and turning it into reality can be a daunting task. Having the opportunity to check in with counsel as you proceed through your first year of implementation; that informed resource to weigh in and help evaluate progress and/or simply reinforce the wisdom of your decisions is where RBR’s Strategic Advisor comes in. Contact us today to discuss your Strategic Planning requirements.