Gift Planning


gift_planningBy definition, Gift Planning extends to any gift of a significant nature that involves thoughtful planning with consideration for the financial implications to the donor and, of course, the benefit to the charity. These gifts, which can be deferred or current gifts, are often of a more complicated nature than other major gifts. They may involve a bequest or insurance policy, a gift of securities, or even property.

Whatever their source, these gifts are critical to any successful fund development program. Gift Planning requires patience and a considerable investment of time. Equally important are good research, an understanding of your donor base and the rigour of an action plan that sets the pace for your practice and provides the standard against which you can measure your progress.

RBR can assist you by:

  • Assessing your current program and identify opportunities for growth;
  • Assist with development of a Gift Planning Action Plan;
  • Build strategies to help ensure program growth;
  • Provide orientation and coaching to your staff and volunteer leaders.

The return on your investment is well worth the call today.